How does radiation shielding work?

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, we provide a huge range of special-purpose doors to a vast array of industries. While we are most widely known for our high-quality fire doors, we also supply radiation shielded doors, an essential requirement for many buildings within specific industries.

So, what is radiation shielding, and what kinds of buildings require radiation-shielded doors? Read on to find out.

What is radiation?

Radiation involves the emission of energy in the form of waves/particles through space or a material medium. Radiation can be extremely beneficial and is used in the health industry to fight a number of health issues, including cancer. However, hazardous exposure to radiation can be potentially deadly, and as such, the right protection is required where radiation is being transmitted.

How does radiation shielding work?

Radiation shielding involves using a material to block the emission of radiation from reaching certain areas and becoming safe. In our radiation-shielded doors, we often use lead as a radiation shielding material. Lead is a heavy metal which significantly denser than other common materials. Due to its extreme density and a large number of electrons, it can work on scattering radiation rays such as x-rays and gamma-rays. When said rays attempt to pass through a lead material, the metal’s electrons work to absorb them and scatter the energy.

Lead is not the only option for radiation shielding, and FSE Special pupose Doors also uses concrete blocks, steel plating and polyethylene linings in our doors.

Industries that require radiation shielding

Using radiation shielded doors is extremely important with the health industry, with particular types needing radiation-shielding such as:

  • Radiology and X-Ray Facilities
  • Dental Surgeries
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Research Laboratories
  • Communications Centres
  • Nuclear Power Operations

Types of radiation shielded doors

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, there are many options when it comes to radiation-shielded doors, including: 

  • Lead-lined fire doors – Protects against low to medium energy X-rays
  • Interlocking lead bricks – Protects against high energy X-rays
  • Interlocking concrete blocks – Protects against neutron and gamma radiation
  • Solid steel-plated doors – Protects against neutron and gamma radiation
  • Borated polyethylene-lined doors – Protects against neutron radiation

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Radiation shielding for doors will provide an essential layer of protection which will help to keep staff, clients and the general public safe from the potentials dangers associated with radiation. 

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