Four reasons you should install high-quality fire doors

Fire doors are an essential safety measure which protect a building, as well as the people that occupy it.

The benefits of high-quality fire doors are obvious. But if you still aren’t sold on fire doors, here are four important reasons why you should install them in your building


Fire rated doors are a fundamental part of every Fire Protection model for a building, helping keep people safe if a fire occurs. Fire doors work to stop fire and smoke from spreading quickly and entering isolated areas, such as fire exits and corridors, where people could become trapped. On countless occasions, fire doors have been responsible for saving lives. 

Building preservation

Fire-rated doors not only protect building occupants but are also vital in preserving a building, preventing fire (and smoke) from spreading throughout the structure and causing extensive and costly building damage.

Australian compliance requirements

If safety isn’t a big enough motivator, then the Australian law probably should be. Australia has strict and specific legislation in regards to fire doors in all states which must be followed. It is imperative to ensure that all fire-rated doors and frames comply with Australian (and state) regulations in relation to thickness, material, framing, configuration, entry/exit requirements and door signage. If you are unsure about the fire door regulations in your state, consult the Australian Building Codes Board or contact us today. 

Quick and easy access and exit

Fire doors also make it easy for building occupants to escape a building if a fire occurs. All doors should be clearly marked with the correct signage, making it simple for people to identify where to go in the event of a fire.

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