Fire safety tips for children

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, we are passionate about fire safety. We believe that is is essential to combine a fire safety plan with the right equipment and knowledge in order to remain safe. It is also important to pass on this understanding to your children so that they know what to do during a fire emergency.

So, what should you teach your child about fire safety? Here are six things every child should know.

Remember triple zero

While this one might seem simple, it is critical that your child memorises Australia’s emergency number as ‘000’. It is not uncommon for Australian children to be influenced by American television and films and call ‘911’ during an emergency. Ensure your child knows that ‘000’ is the number to call for all Australian emergency services.

Get down low and go, go, go!

You might remember hearing this saying at school. Smoke inhalation is the number one cause of death in a house fire and poses even more risk to young children. The air is cooler and cleaner low to the ground, which is why children need to know to get down low and crawl to safety.

Don’t hide, go outside

Parents need to make sure that children know that when they hear a smoke alarm, smell smoke or see a fire, they should get outside as quickly as possible, rather than hiding. Children should know to call for help and quickly crawl to the nearest safe exit rather than hiding within the building.

Stop, drop and roll

All children should know how to extinguish their clothes if they are on fire. Teach children to stop and drop to the ground, laying flat with legs out straight. Children need to use their hands to cover their eyes and mouth and roll over, back and forth until the flames are out.

Toys and heaters

Toys are often made from flammable materials. Be sure that children know to keep all toys at least a metre from fires or heaters and to not leave them lying nearby once they are done playing.

Lighters and matches

It is not uncommon for a child to stumble upon a lighter or a box of matches. Alack of fire knowledge and understanding may lead to a child accidentally starting a fire. Ensure that your child knows to hand in matches or lighters if they do find them, rather than keeping them as a toy.

Other tips and advice

At FSE Special Doors we are passionate about facilitating fire safety through the creation of our high-quality fire safety doors. We have also created several blog posts about fire safety, ranging from workplace fire safety equipment and fire safety checklists, to the science of fire and importance of fire safety doors.  Be sure to check them out and improve your safety knowledge, to feel better equipped to handle fire danger. 

FSE Special Doors supply a wide range of fire doors to meet the needs of any building. These can be built using a variety of materials and configured and fitted to meet most aesthetic and functional requirements. FSE Special Purpose Doors manufactures fire doors for numerous industries throughout Australia.

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