Fire doors and compartmentalisation

While we have discussed fire doors numerous times on our blog, the need for these practical and effective fire safety tools is ever increasing.

If you own a building, it is essential that you know how fire doors work efficiently and effectively to keep your building and its occupants safe. Keep reading to discover more.

What is a fire door?

Fire doors should always be seen as an integral part of a building’s fire protection model and are a vital piece of support needed to keep the residents or occupants of a building safe. Fire doors will help to stop the spread of smoke and flames between different areas of a building. They also work to effectively to block smoke from entering into isolated areas of a building such as fire exits or corridors, where people could easily become trapped in the advent of a fire emergency.

What is compartmentalisation?

Compartmentalisation in all structures, such as land-based buildings like apartments, as well as other structures such as traffic tunnels, ships, aerospace vehicles, or submarines, is the foundation of fire protection. Compartmentalisation will not only block smoke but will stop flames from spreading through to different rooms and other buildings. Magnamatic devices have been created as specialised types of hardware that can be installed in doors to hold them open. When an alarm is triggered, the magnamatic device will automatically close the door via an active hydraulic system, which will stop the fast spread of flames to different parts of the building.

Types of fire doors

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, we manufacture all types of fire safe doors to the highest of standards. These include:

  • sliding fire doors
  • hinged fire doors 
  • swinging fire doors
  • glass fire doors

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, all of our fire rated doors are fully tested and certified to meet Australian fire resistance requirements. We supply a vast range of fire doors to meet the needs of any type of building. These can be built using a huge variety of materials and configured and fitted to meet your aesthetic and functional requirements. FSE Special Purpose Doors manufactures Automatic Doors for numerous industries throughout Australia.

If you have any questions about Fire Doors, or about Special Purpose Fire Doors in general, you can find our products here. To book a quote, phone 1300 4 DOORS, or contact us.