Fire doors and building aesthetics

It is always important that your building complies with Australian fire safety regulations. For many building owners, it is also important to maintain the aesthetics of their building.

When choosing quality fire doors, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics in favour of safety. Read on to find out how FSE Special Purpose Doors delivers stunning, high-quality fire doors.

What are fire doors?

A “fire door” is a fire-rated door set. They consist of the door leaf, frame and hardware such as handles, locks, viewing panels and air grills. All of these elements are rigorously tested in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (i.e. AS1530.4) to achieve their fire rating. You can read more about this process here. Fire doors are an essential part of every building’s fire protection model and are crucial for the overall safety of the people inside.

Our doors are engineered for heavy-duty use and are suitable for all luxury residential and commercial applications where strict levels of security, durability and sound restriction are required. Luxury fire doors are those built to higher-than-standard specs when it comes to materials and appearance, providing an elegant solution to fire safety. There are many options to consider when it comes to high-end fire doors – these products are highly customisable, and can be tailored to suits your needs.

Our luxury fire doors are suited to a wide range of high-end environments, including:
• Homes
• Hotels
• Apartments
• Hospitality venues
• Commercial buildings
• Schools and hospitals
• Public and private spaces, such as libraries, galleries and museums

Aesthetic options for fire doors

Fire doors can be adapted to meets the aesthetic needs of many different luxury environments. Here are some of the options you might want to consider:

Glass Fire Doors: Glass is an excellent addition to any luxury building looking to incorporate light and a modern flair to a room. Glass fire doors are those that have had fire-rated glazing applied, and can be rated to varying degrees. By doing so, these doors can retain their aesthetic qualities while adhering to the fire regulations set out by the Building Code of Australia.

Decorative Veneers: In many high-end buildings, wood is a standard aesthetic component. Decorative wood veneers may be the perfect option for adding warmth and elegance to a space. You can choose veneers that resemble lighter woods like oak, maple or birch, or veneers made from darker woods, like walnut or mahogany. It’s also possible to choose the wood ‘type’ or grain pattern of the veneer to help you achieve a specific look.

Metal Sheeting For Doors: Wood may not be suitable for some buildings. Those looking for a sleek modern or industrial look may want to opt for metal sheeting instead. Fire doors can have their exterior covered with aluminium or steel. These doors have the added bonus of offering higher levels of hygiene, which makes them ideal in medical facilities.

Other accessories

There is a number of other options available to you when it comes to installing quality, tested fire doors, which can add to their functionality and aesthetics. They include:

  • Full Metal Enveloping
  • PVC Sheeting (e.g. Acovyn, Acculine)
  • FSC Certification
  • Decorative Veneers including matching internal edge strips
  • Metal Sheeting including Zincanneal, Galvanised, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Colorbond
  • Fire Rated Vision Panels
  • Security Glass Vision Panels
  • Glazing Film
  • Fire Rated Intumescent Air Grilles
  • Power Transfer Tube
  • Additional Hinge Plates
  • Panic Bar Reinforcements
  • Magnamatic
  • Fully and Semi-Mortised Doorsill Seals
  • Concealed Closer Preparation
  • Bollection Moulding
  • Inlay Panelling

FSE Special Purpose Doors works with residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout Australia to design, manufacture and install fire and smoke doors.To learn more visit, phone 1300 4 DOORS, or contact us here.