Fire Door Upgrades: What Are Your Options?

There are a range of fire door upgrades to consider, depending on your specific requirements. These include radiation shielding, soundproofing and beefing up security and more.

Fire doors are an essential part of any building’s fire protection model and the overall safety of the people inside. They work to stop fire and smoke from spreading quickly and making their way into isolated areas like fire exits and corridor where people could become trapped. In a nutshell, fire doors save lives

Fire doors are extremely also versatile, and can be upgraded to suit a wide range of needs, depending on their application. Let’s take a look at the different options avaliable for fire door upgrades.

Heritage Door Upgrades

Heritage door upgrades refers to the process of upgrading the doors in heritage buildings to meet the current fire resistant ratings set by the BCA (AS1530.4).

The main challenge for many architects and builders is to both ensure the building and its doors are fire proofed, and that the building’s features and historical significance are not damaged or changed substantially in the upgrade.

This may involve upgrading hardware (heritage-style hardware can be purchased to ensure the upgrade maintains the existing design and period of the door), dismantling the door so that concealed adjustments and proofing can be carried out, or even replacing the doors all together.

Security Doors

Upgrades to ensure a greater level of security are common in many commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Security doors include bullet proof doors, and blast resistant doors. They provide provide protection against things such as weaponry assaults, forced entry and other criminal attacks, and blasts and explosions.

Ballistic security door sets (including frames, hinges, locks and viewing panels) are fully tested and certified to ensure they can withstand a range of attack levels, including forced entry and projectile or blast penetration.

Hygienic Doors

Some commercial and industrial spaces, and all healthcare facilties, present a demanding environment when it comes to hygiene. This means that all surfaces must provide optimal cleanliness, meaning they will not harbour bacteria and other pests, and are unaffected by moisture and common cleaning chemicals.

When it comes to fire door upgrades, including metal sheeting on the exterior of the doors is great way to ensure optimal hygiene. The two most common are aluminium and steel sheeting.

hygienic doors

Radiation Shielding

In today’s modern industries, radiation is used in many different ways. Unsafe exposure to radiation can have an array of negative impacts on the health of your building’s occupants. This can range from nausea and skin irritation through to nerve damage and cancer.

Radiation shielding upgrades for doors can provide a vital layer of protection on your doors to keep staff, clients and the general public safe from radiation.

Radiation shielding can be added to a variety of doors during the design and manufacture stage to prevent unsafe radiation from penetrating the doors. There are a wide variety of materials and systems that can be used.

Acoustic Doors and Soundproofing

Fire doors can also be upgraded to offer greater soundproofing capabilities. This is achieved by placing an acoustic barrier in the door set. The greater the mass of the insulation material per unit area of a door, the more soundproof it will be.

Our acoustic doors are available up to 4 hour rating and, depending on the application, wall type and sealing systems, an acoustic of up to Rw41. These products require consultation with our expert staff to ensure the right solution is used.

FSE also specialises in designing and manufacturing soundproof doors based on the client’s requirements. We work in conjunction with acoustic specialists to ensure we can customise a solution for the situation.


All fire doors are avaliable with a wide range of accessories and optional extras. These include:

• Acoustic Preparation
• Radiation Shielding
• Hygiene Preparation
• Full Metal Enveloping
• PVC Sheeting (e.g. Acovyn, Acculine)
• FSC Certification
• Decorative Veneers including matching internal edge strips
• Metal Sheeting including Zincanneal, Galvanised, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Colorbond
• Fire Rated Vision Panels
• Security Glass Vision Panels
• Glazing Film
• Fire Rated Intumescent Air Grilles
• Power Transfer Tube
• Additional Hinge Plates
• Panic Bar Reinforcements
• Magnamatic
• Fully and Semi-Mortised Doorsill Seals
• Concealed Closer Preparation
• Bollection Moulding
• Inlay Panelling

See here for our full price list for fire door accessories. For more information on fire door upgrades, or if you require a quotation for any of our products, please contact us today!