Fire door hardware: What you need to know

Fire-rated doors ensure the safety of the occupants of a building and stop the spread of smoke between different parts of a building. However, fire doors must include a number of hardware components which make it work. 

Find out what hardware is required to make a fire door function in the safest possible way.

Fire Doors must always be fitted with hardware that has the appropriate fire rating and each and every piece of hardware must be fire rated in accordance with AS1905.1. Some of these hardware includes:

Self Latches: Fire doors must be self-latching and are not permitted to have a hold-open feature. This creates a flameproof seal in the case of a fire emergency. 

Automatic door closers: Fire rated doors must always be fitted with an automatic door closing system. This works to controls the spread of smoke, heat and drafts that may help spread a flame. 

Locks: Locks must always be compliant with the latest BCA regulation in order to be safe. Multiple locks, deadlocks, locking bolts and padlocks are not permitted and can worsen the danger of a fire.

Panic Bars: Panic or crash bars are always necessary in buildings where there may be large crowds that must all exist simultaneously. These bars work to burst open when they come in contact with a large crowd.

Intumescent seal: Intumescent seals work to sit around the edges of the door which expands when temperatures reach beyond 200°C. This then closes the gaps between the door and the frame to stop the spread of smoke.

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