Door Seals: Fire Doors, Smoke Doors and Soundproof Doors

Door seals are an essential element of any special purpose door for blocking smoke and fire, and for soundproofing purposes. Here is a more in-depth look at door seals.

Doors are ubiquitous in everyday life, so much so that people rarely give them a second thought – doors are all the same, right? Wrong. There are a myriad of elements of doors that make them special, from size and thickness to configuration and functionality. All of these factors differ in adherence with their practical purpose.

When it comes special purpose doors, we here at FSE are experts providing solutions considering all elements: fire, smoke, sound and more. We know quality doors from head to toe, and when it comes to door seals we have a wide range to choose from to suit any environmental needs. Let’s take a closer look at different types of doors seals avaliable.

What Are Door Seals?

Door seals have a range of uses beyond what you might consider on first thought. They are an essential element of a door’s construction. Not only do they help with passive fire protection by stemming the flow of flames through the gaps in a door frame, they also aid in detaining the spreading of sound and smoke.

Leaving a a gap around the door leaf is essential – this is how they open and close. But in terms of the integrity of a door to protect against fire, smoke and sound passing through, these gaps are the weakest point of the door. Door seals close these gaps.

Fire Door Seals

High quality seals are an essential part of any fire door. They aim to reduce the severity of a fire by restricting the spread of flames through the gaps around the door leaf.

Fire doors stop flames and smoke from spreading quickly and making their way into isolated areas like fire exits and corridor where people could become trapped. This is called ‘compartmentalising’ the fire and is an essential element of fire safety.

By choosing an appropriate sealing system you are maximising potential fire-resistance levels. These seals expand when exposed to high temperatures, and as fire doors lock when triggered and do not need to be opened for escape, they provide a stable barrier against the flames.

door seals

Smoke Door Seals

Extreme heat isn’t the only threat that comes with fire. Smoke contains dangerous toxins and can be harmful to those exposed to it. In fact, many fatalities associated with fire are due to smoke inhalation.

Smoke is produced in huge quantities during a fire and can spread long distances to places the flames can’t reach. It can be extremely disorienting for those trying to escape, making it hard to read signs and follow orders.

High quality smoke seals are a vital element of passive fire safety in a building and an essential way to ensure the safety of its occupants. Read more about smoke doors here.

Acoustic Door Seals

The purpose of Acoustic Doors is to provide sound insulation to protect your employees, visitors and other general members of the public from potential noise pollution. They work by essentially reducing the amount of sound that can pass through a door leaf. You can read more in-depth of soundproof doors here.

While the gaps around doors are essential, they provide a clear space for sound waves to pass through. Sealing these gaps with acoustic door seals is crucial to reduce the amount of sound entering or leaving a room and thus providing complete sound insulation.

If you want like to learn more bout fire doors seals, smoke door seals or acoustic door seals – or any special purpose doors for that matter – please feel free to contact us on 1300 4 DOORS.