Damage to special-purpose doors which is easy to avoid

Not only do doors function as a point of entry and exit in every building, but they can also serve as a highly effective protective measure against the dangers of fire, smoke, noise pollution and radiation. 

It is crucial that doors fulfil their purpose of protection and safety, so it is essential to avoid any damage to your special-purpose doors. Check out some common mistakes you should avoid, to keep your special-purpose doors working at their best.

Is the door properly aligned? 

It is possible and in fact, very easy for doors to be hung in a way which causes significant damage as they swing on their axis. It is important for doors to be correctly installed by a professional who meets the standards of the Building Code of Australia. A professional will able to ensure that your doors are properly aligned, avoiding damage and the need for costly repairs.

Is the entranceway suitable?

Entrances that are narrow or recessed may not allow full motion of swing for special-purpose doors, such as swinging fire doors. Furthermore, doors that bang or scuff against the edges of an entranceway can wear down over time. In order to avoid this, it might be worth installing pneumatic door enclosures or door bumpers. However, for tight and narrow spaces sliding doors will likely be the best option.

Is there anything in the door’s way?

It is important that foreign objects do not get in the way of your special purpose doors. This is not only to avoid damage to the door but to allow it to function properly. It is common for boxes and crates to be placed near fire doors which are not often used, but in the event of a fire, this puts building occupants in danger by providing another obstacle they must tackle in order to reach safety. There is no excuse for not keeping a doorway clear, and this mistake is elementary to avoid.

Are the door’s seal’s intact?

It is always crucial that you make sure that the appropriate door seals are checked and maintained. Rubber seals can become loose or crack or lose adhesive over time, which can be detrimental to their ability to perform their function. If you have any doubts, professional will be able to inform you if they need replacement or repair. 

We supply a vast range of special-purpose doors to meet the needs of any type of building. These are built using a wide variety of high-quality materials and configured and fitted to meet most aesthetic and functional requirements. 

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