Common Mistakes Businesses Make That Damage Their Doors

Doorways are crucial for a business to function. Not only do they serve as a point of entry and exit for customers, workers and other residents, they can also serve as protection against fire, smoke, noise pollution and radiation. It’s crucial that doors continue to fulfil their purpose, so making sure that doors are maintained is in a business’s best interests. There are many practices that can be avoided to make sure that your door continues to uphold its functionality.

There are many common mistakes that businesses make that can damage doors or prevent them from continuing to serve their function and taking a bit of care can go a long way for your doors longevity.


If an entranceway is not suitable for a door they can result in a lot of problems. Entrances that are narrow or recessed may not allow a full motion of swing. Doors that bang or scuff can wear down over time, installing pneumatic door enclosures or door bumpers can help this problem, however, for very tight spaces sliding doors may be more appropriate.

Foreign Objects

Foreign objects are a common cause of damage to doors. Boxes and crates that are continually placed in front of a door can cause a lot of damage to doors if they are continually slammed into. Objects can also cause a dangerous obstruction in the advent of fire, so it’s crucial to keep doorways clear, especially those that serve a safety or emergency purpose, such as fire doors, smoke doors and other special purpose doors. Make sure that patrons, employees and residents follow the appropriate safety signage, which should be displayed on the outside face of either side of the door.

Door Seals

It is important to make sure that the appropriate door seals are checked and maintained. Rubber seals can become loose or crack or lose adhesive over time, which can be detrimental to their ability to perform their function, such as keeping out weather, regulating temperature and even protecting from fire and smoke.


It is possible for doors to be hung incorrectly, which will get stuck or cause damage as they swing on their axis. It’s important for doors to be correctly installed by a professional who meets the standards of the Building Code of Australia.

Do your special purpose doors need extra attention?

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