Choosing the right door frame material

While most people don’t usually think about it, a door’s frame is its core source of stability. As such, the material used to make a door’s frame is very important.

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, we provide high-quality doors to suit many special purposes, including fire doors, acoustic doors and gas-tight doors, which can be manufactured with a wooden or metal door frame. But which option is best for you?

Which frame suits your style?

Depending on the purpose of your door, aesthetics may be an important consideration, and it is important to choose a style of the door frame which suits the desired look and feel of your building. Naturally, wood and metal frames look very different from one another and can be both be made in a variety of colours, shades, textures, finishes and colours. While the team at FSE can provide suggestions and advice, the aesthetics of your door frame is entirely up to you!

Which frame will last longer?

Durability is, of course, an important factor when it comes to special purpose doors and their frames. Typically, metal door frames are more durable and robust than their timber counterparts. Furthermore, metal frames are very practical and cost very little to upkeep. It is important to note, however, that these frames may start to creak over time. At FSE we also ensure that our timber frames are at the highest possible standard. However, wooden frames are susceptible to termites and other structural defects. They also cost more to upkeep and may need to be replaced more regularly.

What is the environmental impact of these materials?

It is always important to consider the environmental impact that certain building materials such as metal and wood can have. Steel frames will obviously reduce the need for timber from forests. Furthermore, timber usually sees a much larger amount of wastage. Despite this, many people will still choose wooden frames.

Which material offers the best fire protection?

While FSE produces all doors and their frames to be resistant to fire, metal door frames are naturally more resistant to fire than timber. Our high-quality door frames have been expertly designed and created by the FSE team with functionality, strength, and durability in mind. For buildings that require a very high level of fire protection, we recommend that metal is the best option. 

We supply a wide range of doors to meet the needs of any building. Our doors can be built using a variety of materials and configured and fitted to meet your unique aesthetic and functional requirements. FSE Special Purpose Doors manufactures a variety of special door types for numerous industries throughout Australia.

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