Can You Decorate a Fire Door?

If you are looking to create a specific look for your doors, there are a few options to choose from. Let’s take a look!

While it is true that fire doors are a crucial element of a building’s fire protection model, they are also an important aesthetic component. Depending on the building, you may want to decorate your fire doors to fit the aesthetic of the rest of the space. What does this entail? There are a few options to choose from.

Decorative Veneers

A veneer is a flat, thin piece of wood – usually no thicker than 6mm – that is used to cover a door, giving it a unique look and finish that usually resembles wood or timber. They are often added to fire doors to conceal the material underneath, which may not fit the look of a particular space.

There are multiple types of decorative veneers to choose from. These include:

Wood colours – These can add an air of warmth or elegance to a space. You can choose veneers that resemble lighter woods like oak, maple or birch, or veneers made from darker woods, like walnut or mahogany.

Grain patterns – It’s also possible to choose the wood ‘type’ or grain pattern of the veneer to help you achieve a specific look. Different grains are produced by cutting and splicing the wood in different ways. Common grains/cuts include: plain, crown, quarter sliced, rotary, rift, birds-eye and quilted.

Veneer Finishes – Wood veneers can also be sanded, lacquered, stained, glazed or even painted to help you achieve your desired door appearance.

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Metal Sheeting

Veneers may not be suitable for some spaces. In fact, those looking for a sleeker, more modern or industrial look may want to opt for metal sheeting instead. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, metal sheeting has a range of benefits, including hygiene, strength, durability, and acoustic benefits.

Options include:

Aluminium metal sheeting is ideal for doors that need to be more lightweight or that have hygiene requirements; it is also great for external doors that need to provide weather protection.

Steel is generally stronger than aluminium, and is more sturdy and durable. It’s also ideal for fire protection.

Other options include zincanneal, galvanised, and Colorbond.

Glass Panels

Another modern approach to decorating fire doors is incorporating glass into their build.

Fire rated glazing is a specific glazing system that is used to create fire resistance in glass panels. It can be applied to doors and walls during the manufacturing process or in some cases, it can also be added to existing buildings that already contain glass doors, walls and windows.

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