Benefits of Steel Doors

Steel is probably not the first material you think about when it comes to choosing the material for a door, however, it should be. Steel doors have many benefits over standard doors, especially for use in protective situations, such as fire doors and those that have hygiene requirements.

Steel is a favourite material for doors in many industries from industrial facilities to hospitality venues as it is strong, durable, weatherproof and fire-safe and is, therefore a great material for use in special purpose doors.

How Are Steel Doors Made?

Steel doors are not simply a solid piece of metal, in most cases, the door simply has steel panelling on the outside, which enables them to be strong but to remain lightweight. Within the panels, steel doors have a core system and the performance of the door varies depending on its core.

Some common types of core structures include:

Honeycomb Cores – This approach uses a material such as metal or cardboard to form a honeycomb structure within the door. Honeycomb is beneficial for insulation and soundproofing but also helps the door to keep its strength structurally, as well as keeping weight down.

Steel Stiffened Cores – These cores implement lengths of steel as reinforcements, which drastically improves the strength of the door, as well as its soundproofing abilities and fire resistance. These doors, however, tend to be slightly heavier than types with other cores, as they contain a lot of steel.

Polystyrene Cores – Cores containing polystyrene are often used together with steel stiffeners so that they retain their strength. Polystyrene is effective in insulating from sound and can remain very lightweight.

What Are The Advantages of Using Steel Doors?

Weatherproofing – Compared to standard wooden doors, steel doors do not absorb moisture and hence are better in outside situations. Another benefit is that as steel is more insulating, it is more energy-efficient and can lower heating and cooling costs.
Strength – It’s widely known that steel is a strong material and when it is part of a door with a solid core design they are very durable and provide a high level of security.
Fire Safety – Steel can withstand very high temperatures, meaning it is an ideal material for fire and smoke doors.
Durability – Steel sheets are durable, unlike other materials such as wood, which can wear out and weather easily.
Acoustic Benefits – Steel doors are great for soundproofing situations, especially those with thickly insulated cores.
Hygiene – Steel sheeted doors are the first choice for those in industries that require a hygienic surface, such as medical, hospitality and manufacturing. Steel provides a strong barrier to pests but is also the easiest material to clean.

Where are Steel Doors Useful?

• Theatres, recording studios and concert venues, where soundproofing is important
• Server protection rooms, offices with sensitive information and warehouses, where security is paramount
• Hospitals and medical clinics and kitchens where hygiene is crucial
• Manufacturing plants, where there is a continuing risk of fire
• Defence facilities, such military bases and prisons, where high-security doors are needed

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