Ballistic Doors Explained

Ballistic doors can be incredibly beneficial for any build that requires reliable security and protection. In this article, FSE Special Purpose Doors presents an overview of ballistic doors and the options available to you.

What Are They?

Ballistic Doors are bullet and blast-resistant doors that protect things such as:

  • Weaponry assaults
  • Forced entry and other criminal attacks
  • Blasts and explosions

In Australia, these doors must be tested to the required Australian standards outlined by the BCA (AS/NZS2343:1997).

Ballistic door sets (including frames, hinges, locks and viewing panels) are also fully tested and certified to ensure they can withstand a range of attack levels, including forced entry and projectile or blast penetration.

Ballistic Doors

Different Types

Ballistic doors can be customised to suit a range of door functions and requirements. They can be installed as simple hinged doors, automatic swinging doors or even sliding doors.

  • Ballistic doors can be manufactured and installed in a range of sizes to suit a variety of operations.
  • They can be fitted with various accessories, such as locks, fixings and glazed viewing windows.
  • Accessories must be factory fitted to ensure the required resistant is met.

Materials Used

Ballistic doors can be manufactured from various materials, such as steel, glass and even wood/timber. The type of material you decide to use will depend on the type of protection you require and the appearance you desire in your building design.

ballistic doors

Types of Finishes

Today, these kinds of doors are extremely adaptable and aesthetically tailored to suit many designs and finishes.

Doors can be installed to integrate effortlessly with walls, panels, and overall design themes, allowing them to fulfil their function without “giving away” their ultimate purpose.

What Types of Builds Require Ballistic Doors?

If you are working on a certain commercial project, you may find that incorporating ballistic doors into your design will be mandatory. At other times, ballistic doors may be optional but still desired by the client.

Industries and sectors:

  • Financial (e.g. banks, loans businesses, cash rooms)
  • Mining, Construction and related operations
  • Retail (e.g. service stations, ticketing agencies)
  • Security, Law Enforcement (e.g. police stations, prisons)
  • Government and Public (e.g. embassies, schools or hospitals)

Private and other commercial clients can also request that ballistic doors be included in their projects.

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