Australian Fire Door Signage Regulations

When installing fire doors in your developments and projects, it is critical that they have the appropriate fire door signage. 

Checking to make sure your fire door signs are up to regulation is definitely a good idea. Not only will it help keep occupants of your building safe in case of a fire, but it will also give you peace of mind during building inspections. Let’s take a closer look at these fire door signage requirements.

The right signs:

•    Clearly and visibly mark all fire doors for the building’s occupants and improve fire safety and awareness once the building is completed.
•    Ensure compliance with Australian fire door regulations set out by the NCC (National Construction Code) and the Australian Building Codes Board.
•    Help you qualify for the required Occupation Certificate.

Signage for Fire Doors in All States

For all other states, the Building Code of Australia stipulates that the following sign must be displayed on all fire doors:

fire door signage




This sign must be permanently displayed:

•    On the “approach” side of all doors leading to a fire exit or fire stair, no matter where in the building the fire door is located (e.g. even if the door is located on the roof or in the basement)
•    On both sides of all doors that ordinarily must be kept closed and that rest between individual fire compartments

Signage for Fire Doors in NSW Only

Fire door signage regulations differ slightly for buildings located in NSW.

In NSW, all fire doors must permanently display the above sign (Fire Safety Door / Do Not Obstruct / Do Not Keep Open) and they must also display this sign outlining the ‘Offences Relating to Fire Exits.’

fire door signage fire door signage



fire door signage








The ‘Offences Relating to Fire Exits’ sign must be displayed at all times, either on the door itself or adjacent to the door (i.e. on the wall). It should be located:

•    On the “approach” side of all doors leading to a fire escape or fire stair, regardless of where in the building the door is located
•    On both sides of all doors between individual fire compartments where the doors must be kept closed at all times

Signs for All Fire Exit Doors (All States)

There are also strict regulations regarding signage for Fire Exit Doors throughout the entirety of Australia. No matter which state you are in, the sign below must be displayed on all fire exit doors:

fire door signage




This sign must be visible:

•    On both sides of a fire exit door that leads from the interior of a building to an open space (e.g. the street)
•    On both sides of all doors leading from an exit isolated from fire to an open space

Further Tips When Determining Your Fire Door Signage

•    All signs must be placed at eye level
•    Ensure the signs you buy comply with the legislation in your state; if you are unsure what is required, check with the Australian Building Codes Board
•    Check that the sign is the right size and made of appropriate material for your particular door/building

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