Architectural Fire Doors: What Are Your Options?

Looking for a more elegant solution when it comes to your fire doors? Architectural fire doors are an excellent option for high-end environments. Take a look at the options available. 

Providing the safest environment possible for a building’s occupants is of utmost importance for any architect or builder. However, aesthetics are also very important in many commercial and residential spaces.

Architectural fire doors are those that are configured with higher-than-standard specifications for materials and appearance. They are suitable for high-end hotels and residential complexes, commercial buildings, or any other building with more elegant fire door requirements.

Architectural Fire Doors: What Are Your Options?

Fire doors are highly customisable. They can be configured to suit your tastes in just about every conceivable way. Here are just a few of the options you may want to consider.

Decorative Veneers – For spaces that are crying out for the warmth of wood, decorative wood veneers may be the perfect option. You can choose veneers that resemble lighter woods like oak, maple or birch, or veneers made from darker woods, like walnut or mahogany. It’s also possible to choose the wood ‘type’ or grain pattern of the veneer to help you achieve a specific look

Glass Fire Doors – Glass is very popular in modern architecture and is ubiquitous in modern commercial buildings in Australia. Glass fire doors are those that have had fire rated glazing applied, and can be rated to varying degrees.

Metal Sheeting For Doors  – Veneers may not be suitable for some spaces. In fact, those looking for a sleeker, more modern or industrial look may want to opt for metal sheeting instead. Fire doors can have their exterior covered with aluminium or steel for a clean, modern look.

Heritage Doors Upgrades

Some heritage buildings already contain beautiful high-end doors, however, some of these may not comply with the current fire resistant ratings set by the BCA (AS1530.4). In these cases, they must be upgraded to meet requirements.

This can be a delicate process. Heritage door upgrades may involve upgrading hardware (heritage-style hardware can be purchased to ensure the upgrade maintains the existing design and period of the door), dismantling the door so that concealed adjustments and proofing can be carried out, or even replacing the doors all together.

At FSE Special Purpose Doors, all of our fire doors are fully tested and certified to meet Australian fire resistance requirements. To ask about architectural fire door options, please contact us at [email protected] or 1300 4 DOORS.