Apartment Fire Doors

Here is an overview of apartment fire doors – why they are important and the different options avaliable from FSE Special Purpose Doors.

Shared residential complexes such as apartments, flats, units and condos require strict and compliant fire protection systems to ensure the safety of all residents. The foremost of these is high quality fire doors that, in the event of a fire, compartmentalise flames and smoke, and direct residents safely to traffic.

Under the requirements of the Building Code of Australia, entry and exit doors in apartments require a fire rating of one hour. Our certified fire door sets are particularly suited to high-end apartments, built to an extremely high quality that you can rely on. Let’s take a closer look at apartment fire doors.

What Are Fire Doors?

Fire door” is a short term for a fire-rated door set. Fire doors consist of the door leaf, frame and associated hardware such as handles, locks, viewing panels and air grills. All of these elements will have been rigorously tested in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (i.e. AS1530.4) to achieve their fire rating. You can read more about this process here.

These kinds of doors are required to close and latch by themselves to avoid being left open. This is particularly important for what is known as ‘compartmentalising’ a fire, which contains flame and smoke while directing traffic to safety.

Fire doors are also very important for ensuring flames do not spread throughout the apartment and between buildings. This is particularly pertinent when it comes to apartments that are located in built-up metropolitan areas where buildings are quite close together and the risk of fire spreading is much higher.

residential fire doors

What Kinds of Fire Doors Are Suitable For Apartments?

FSE Special Purpose Doors provide products that are designed and engineered to suit the many different apartments.

 Hinged fire doors – Our standard hinged fire doors are perfect for residential use. The door leaf is lightweight and offers excellent strength, durability, security and privacy, and despite their relative thickness maintain excellent fire performance levels in excess of the minimum one hour requirement for residential buildings.

• Swinging Fire Doors – Swinging double action fire doors may be suitable in entrance halls or large corridors. They perform like any other fire door. However, the key difference is that they swing 180-degrees to allow traffic to move quickly and easily back and forth through the doors.

• Heritage fire doors – There are some apartments in Australia of cultural or historical significance that are protected by heritage preservation orders. We are experts in installing tested and approved fireproofing systems to existing heritage doors that adhere to modern safety regulations while maintaining traditional aesthetics.

• Glass fire doors – Glass doors and walls are common in modern apartments. Fire rated glazing is a special glazing system that is used to make fire doors and walls made of glass.

Maintaining Your Apartment Fire Doors

After installation, apartment fire doors need to be maintained regularly to ensure they still comply with the Building Code of Australia – this includes a thorough check of all necessary elements of the fire door system: the door itself, hinges, handles, framing, locks and latches.

Any disruption with the state of the door or any of its components, no matter how small, may affect its performance, so periodic checks by certified authorities are crucial! Read more about maintaining your hotel fire doors here.

FSE Special Purpose Doors work with many residential clients throughout Australia to design, manufacture and install apartment fire doors of all kinds. 

If you have any questions about fire doors, to learn more about our products, or to book a quote, phone 1300 4 DOORS, or contact us here.