Aesthetic qualities of timber veneered doors

If you need special-purpose doors to match a specific design or aesthetic in your building, a timber veneered door can be a wonderful customisable option to help you achieve the look that you need.

So why choose a timber veneered door and what options do you have when it comes to design? Read on to find out.

If you want to conceal the functionality of a special purpose door, a timber veneer can be a great option to achieve a specific aesthetic objective. The appearance of the core material of a door may not be desired; for instance, a fire door may be made using aluminium or steel, which won’t really suit the interior of a tavern. Applying a specifically-designed timber veneer can conceal the metal base.

There are many types of timber veneered door, and many options to choose from, including wood, grain and colour.

Wood style: Different woods have different colours, so be sure to check the colour of different species to make sure they suit your design. Woods like oak, maple and birch produce lighter veneers. While walnut or mahogany produce darker veneers.

Grain type: One of the best features of a timber veneered door is the grain pattern, which is produced from different cuts and splices of the wood. Some options include plain, crown, quarter sliced, rotary, rift, birdseye and quilted.

Veneer Shape: Wood is a very malleable material, which means a major benefit of using timber veneered doors is that they can be shaped and fitted to suit your specific doors. Another great feature of veneered doors is that they can be cut into specific panels and sections, which are then pieced together to create patterns and artistic designs, with an almost infinite number of possibilities.

Veneer finish: The last step for your veneer is to apply a finish, which adds another level of design options to further customise your doors. Some finishing options include sanding, lacquering, staining, glazing and even painting.

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