A Quick Overview of Steel Fire Doors

Fire doors with steel sheeting offer superior fire protection, hygiene levels, and soundproofing. If you’re looking to purchase steel fire doors, give us a call today.

Quality standard fire doors are an excellent product and an essential part of any building’s fire protection model. However, sometimes a standard fire-rated door set may not meet all your requirements. In some cases, a steel fire door may be suitable.

High quality steel fire doors have a number of benefits over standard fire doors, and are very versatile, applicable in a range of building types, from industrial facilties to hospitality venues.

What Are Steel Fire Doors?

Steel fire doors are those that have been covered in steel sheeting. Aluminium metal sheeting is also sometimes used (this is ideal for doors that need to be more lightweight, those that have hygiene requirements, or or external doors that need to provide weather protection) however, steel is generally the stronger option, and is more sturdy and durable. It’s also ideal for fire protection.

What Are The Benefits of Steel Fire Doors?

Fire Safety – Steel sheeting is also ideal for fire doors and smoke doors, and means they can withstand very high temperatures.

Strength – Steel fire doors are robustly reinforced and extremely strong, providing a high level of security.

Durability – Steel sheeting is extremely durable and can easily outlast other materials such as timber or wood.

Acoustic Benefits – Steel fire doors have excellent soundproofing properties, making them ideal for spaces that require acoustic treatment.

Hygiene – Steel sheeting is easy to keep clean and provides a strong defence against pests, which is ideal in the food, retail and manufacturing industries.

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Steel Sheeting & Door Core Systems

The type of core system utilised in any door with metal sheeting will have a significant impact on its performance. The following are three common core systems used in doors in conjunction with steel sheeting.

Honeycombed Core – This is where a honeycomb structure made from metal, cardboard or a variety of other materials is used in the core of the door. It enables the door to be lighter, stronger and have better fire resistance, while also improving insulation and soundproofing.

Steel Stiffened Core – This approach involves using lengths of steel to reinforce the core of the door. Steel stiffened cores add a significant amount of strength to a door, as well as improve its qualities of sound absorption, fire resistance and insulation.

Polystyrene Core – This involves inserting a polystyrene fill into the core of the door and is often used in conjunction with steel stiffeners. Polystyrene offers a wide variety of benefits such being light weight, absorbing sound, providing effective insulation and withstanding high temperatures (if treated).

Who Needs Steel Fire Doors?

  • Residential garages, sheds, entranceways
  • Theatres, recording studios and concert venues
  • Server protection rooms, offices and warehouses
  • Hospitals and medical clinics
  • Manufacturing plants, including food plants, pharmaceuticals factories etc.
  • Defence facilities, like military bases and prisons

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