6 Fire Protection Systems Every Household Should Consider Implementing

From standard measures like smoke alarms to fire doors, here are 6 fire protection systems every household should consider implementing and why.

Fire protection is vital element of any home, not just for the protection of the people within, but also of the property and your neighbours. Thinking about a comprehensive fire safety model for your home is very important and goes beyond your basic smoke detectors. Here are 6 fire protection system that every household should consider implementing.

Fire Extinguishers

Let’s start with the standard in household fire protection – the fire extinguisher. This fire-fighting staple has been around since the 18th century and was one of the first pieces of active protection available to the general public.

Fire extinguishers are your first resort for small blazes. They contain fire retardants such as water, foam, dry chemicals, carbon dioxide, wet chemicals and vaporising liquid. An excellent extinguisher for your home is a 2kg dry powder model which is suitable for your kitchen or laundry and can manage small fires. Your extinguisher may very well be the difference between a manageable blaze and a full-blown house fire.

Leaf Guards

One of the major causes of fires spreading through and between houses is leaf litter catching fire and spreading across roofs. Gutter guards (also known as leaf guards or gutter mesh) is an efficient and affordable way to combat this happening. Basically, a piece of mesh sits above the lip of the gutter which stops all leaf litter and other debris from clogging up the drains – a cheap and simple fire protection system.

Fire Doors

Fire doors are another standard preventative measure that any household can implement. Residential fire doors are often rated for one hour of protection. This is very useful when trying to contain a blaze, say if it is too large to manage with a fire extinguisher.

Fire doors contain fire-rated cores that can stop blazes from spreading between rooms – saving you a fortune in damages – or between other properties. They are often finished with MDF, pre-primed tempered hardboard or plywood veneer (amongst other finishes) so they will never look out of place.

Fire Protection Systems

Fireproof Mattresses

Fireproof mattresses are a bit of a luxury item, but are an effective fire protection system for many households. These are mattresses made from special fire retardant materials such as polyurethane with high-tech polymers that are completely fireproof which can greatly reduce the severity and longevity of a blaze.

Smoke Alarms

Another standard in home fire protection, households are required to have at least one working smoke alarm. Smoke alarms detect fires long before any sleeping occupant of a household possibly could, saving critical seconds and allowing residents to implement life-saving actions.

There are two different types smoke alarms: photoelectric, or optical detection, alarms which contain a light source in a central chamber that, when disrupted by smoke entering the chamber, goes off; or there are alarms that work by ionisation (physical detection), these contain a chamber full of electric particles (ions) that are extremely sensitive and when disrupted, trigger the alarm. Smoke alarms save lives and it is imperative that all residents have working, well-maintain alarms in their homes.


This is one that many households fail to implement and it’s free and very simple – planning. Having an escape plan for your family can be the difference between safety and tragedy. By nature, fire catch people with their guard down and without an evacuation plan this can have devastating consequences.

Some simple rules for evacuation are, stay low, get out and stay out. Going a little further, it is a good idea to draw a plan of your home and discuss an escape plan with the other occupants. This includes identifying exits – if possible making sure there are two in each room.

Practice your plan at least once a year, making sure that everyone who lives in your home is involved. Make sure all windows and doors can be easily opened. Decide on a safe meeting place outside (both front and back).

A solid fire protection model for any household is extremely important in ensuring the safety of its occupants, the building itself and surrounding properties. These are 6 simple, affordable and effective fire protection systems that any household can implement and every household should consider.

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